Best Contact Management Software Reviews of 2020


Want to jump straight to the answer? The best contact management software are Salesforce Essentials and Insightly. 

In sales, your customers are your lifeblood. After all, a business without customers is just a hobby.

That’s why you need to invest into a good contact management software. It helps you keep track of all of your leads and includes crucial information about them to help you land a sale. 

But there are a TON of different contact management software out there. How are you supposed to pick the one that’s right for you?

Luckily, we’ve taken a look at and analyzed dozens of the best ones out there. Below, we reviewed the six best contact management software we’ve found and think you’ll love too. 

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials

Best Overall

Easy to set up and easy to use. Salesforce Essentials offers an intuitive dashboard to manage your clients and prospects from the top of your funnel to the bottom.

6 Best Contact Management Software

The best six contact management software are:

Keep reading for our in-depth reviews of each software. 

#1. Salesforce Essentials – Best Overall

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials

Best Overall

Easy to set up and easy to use. Salesforce Essentials offers an intuitive dashboard to manage your clients and prospects from the top of your funnel to the bottom.

Salesforce Essentials offers all you need to manage your contacts and make the sale. 

Easy to setup and easy to use, their intuitive dashboard allows you to access any contact in a matter of clicks. Once you do, you’ll be able to see exactly where they are in the sales pipeline and any notes you need to keep in mind to sell to them.

They also have an excellent support portal that allows you to address any issues or problems your customers might have. Doing so keeps them happy and more likely to come back to you with their business. 

The really nice thing about Salesforce Essentials is that they give you absolutely everything you need to know about a customer or contact on a single screen. At a glance, you’ll be able to see exactly how much they’ve purchased from your company, important notes about their business, and where they are in the sales funnel.

Pricing starts at $25 per user per month. It also comes with a free trial if you want to try it out first. 

#2. Insightly – Best Automation



Best Automation

Their powerful automated marketing tool allows you to automatically move your customer down the sales funnel with each interaction.

Insightly is another contact management software that lets you manage most all aspects of a customer or lead’s sales information in one dashboard. 

At a glance, you’ll be able to take a look at a customer’s contact information as well as how they’ve worked with your business in the past. 

Where they really shine though is with their fully automated marketing feature. You’ll be able to create customer journeys and sales funnels that automatically moves your customers down the pipeline and, ultimately, towards a sale. 

This allows your marketing team to coordinate and work seamlessly with your sales team. Each interaction you have with your prospective customers brings them closer to becoming a lifelong customer. 

Insightly also allows you to create, send, and save emails to and from clients with just a few clicks. Having your correspondence with customers archived and saved is an invaluable resource to managing your relationship with them. 

Pricing is obscured on the website. However, you can request a demo and try it out for free. 

#3. Hubspot CRM – Best Free Software

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM

Best Free Software

Hubspot CRM gives you a powerful contact management solution without the big price tag. Great for anyone on a budget.

Hubspot is an industry leading when it comes to inbound marketing and customer service solutions. It’s no surprise then that they also offer a great contact management software to help you meet your client’s needs.

With Hubspot, you’ll get a real-time look at your entire sales funnel in a single dashboard. You won’t have to rely on confusing spreadsheets ever again. Instead, their easy-to-use interface allows you to organize all your leads and current customers along with all the vital bits of information you need to know about them.

You’ll also be able to track every interaction you’ve had with them whether it be phone calls, emails, or even the occasional in-person meetup. 

Hubspot also integrates very nicely with apps you’re likely already using like Gmail or Outlook.

A drawback: It can be a little difficult to use at first. But they offer plenty of video tutorials to help hold your hand through it all.  

The best part: Hubspot’s contact management software is absolutely free. That’s right. It’s 100% free to use. That includes 1 million contacts and unlimited users. Of course, you’d get a lot more if you bundled it with their other services such as Marketing and Sales Hub. But you can’t beat getting a great service for free. 

#4. Affinity – Best for Building New Relationships



Best for Building New Relationships

With their great warm contacts tool, you’ll be able to connect with leads and potential customers easily. They also give you a sentiment score for prospects friendly towards you.

Affinity prides themselves as a “relationship management software” because that’s what they aim to do: Help you establish a strong relationship with your customers, clients, and more. 

With their automated workflows, you’ll be able to trigger reminders on when to contact existing clients and prospects. 

You’ll also be able to look any previous interactions your business has had with them. Since it updates in real-time, this helps you be able to communicate more effectively with your team members as well. 

One really cool feature: Their powerful AI automatically analyzes the communications from your clients and furnishes a sentiment score for your team. That way, you know how warm a client or prospect is towards you — and therefore, how likely they are to buy. 

They also have an interesting LinkedIn-like feature that identifies current contacts of yours who might be able to introduce you to prospects and leads. 

One drawback: They don’t have the nice funnel/pipeline visualizations that some of the other contact management software on this list have. As such, it can get a little confusing as to where your contact is in the sales process. 

Pricing is obscured on the site. But you can request to speak to a vendor in order to attain a quote. It comes with a free demo.  

#5. Zoho Contact Manager – Most Easy-To-Use

Zoho Contact Manager

Zoho Contact Manager

Most Easy-To-Use

Zoho offers a very simple contact manager that has everything you need to record your clients and prospects information as well as necessary notes on them.

Zoho Contact Manager is a “refreshingly simple” software that allows you to keep track of all your contacts and follow ups on a single dashboard. It includes tools such as a great tagging feature to help you keep track of all your prospects and clients’ contact information. 

Think of it as your parent’s old address book but on steroids. 

This offering is probably the most pure contact management software. They focus on giving you everything you might want to know about your contacts, as well as any tasks you need to accomplish with them.

As such they lack a few of the features you might like such as marketing integration and pipeline visualization. But if you’re looking for a fairly straightforward way to keep track of contact information, Zoho is the way to go. 

Of course they also include some nice bells-and-whistles like smart templates, which allow you to create email templates for your team to use and send to clients. They also have fantastic integrations with MailChimp, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Outlook. 

Pricing starts free. But that’s limited to just 500 contacts and a single user. If you want unlimited contacts, deals, and up to 25 users, it’ll cost you $20.82 per month. Not too bad since they don’t charge you per user. 

#6. Bitrix24 – Best Reporting Features



Another fantastic free contact management software that comes with a great reporting feature and visualizations to help you keep track of vital metrics.

Bitrix24 is an absolutely free contact management software. 

Aside from the undeniably great price, they also give you unlimited contacts, call logging, and invoices. 

On a single dashboard, you’ll be able to keep up with day-to-day tasks with your clients and prospects. You’ll also be able to keep track of every interaction you have with them whether it be an email, phone call, or face-to-face conversation.

Bitrix24 also allows you to send and receive emails from their dashboard. Their fields are also fully customizable which is fantastic for any business. 

They also provide a great reporting feature. It’ll give you a good visualization of your sales funnel and pipeline. You are able to take a look at all your leads as well as unpaid invoices so you don’t have to go tracking them down. 

Of course, there are some limitations with their free offering. For one, you only have 5 GB of online storage. That can get really limiting for bigger businesses and enterprises. It also doesn’t have any tools to assist with marketing campaigns. 

For a little more robust features, prices start at $15.36 per month for all users, which is pretty pricey. But if you’re just looking for a solid contact management software without a bunch of fancy bells and whistles, their free option is a great choice. 

What is a contact management software?

A contact management software is a digital program that allows you to store contact information such as email, phone numbers, and addresses. 

Think of your parent’s old Rolodex or black book filled with different names and numbers. But today, the very best contact management software goes above and beyond simply saving names and numbers. They help you store integral information about your customers to help you succeed in sales. 

They also include things like notes on each time you interact with the customer, any issues they’ve had with your product or service in the past, and even what they’re looking for in your product. 

This data is crucial for any sales team. As such, it’s a good idea that your business invest in one. 

Methodology to find good contact management software

Your business is unique. As such, what you’ll be looking for in a contact management software will be unique as well.

After all, a massive Fortune 500 company isn’t going to be using the same software as a bootstrap startup in a garage somewhere. 

But there are a few things that are very nice to have when it comes to a good contact management software:


When it comes to managing your relationship with your clients and prospects, you want to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible.

Automation allows you to do just that.

When you complete an interaction such as a phone call or an email correspondence, it should be automatically recorded in your contact management system. That way you and your team can refer back to it later just in case.

It should also automatically tell you of the tasks and to-dos you need to complete for the client or prospect. 


Since you want one that automates tasks for you, it will also need to integrate nicely with your existing work infrastructure. You don’t want to invest in a contact management software only to find out later it doesn’t work with your email provider. 

Take a close look at the contact management software’s integration list. Does it include the apps and software you already use? If it doesn’t, is there anyway you can change to the apps and software that do integrate with them?

Ideally, you find a software that works with all the apps your team relies on already. 


Like we stated already, your business is unique and so are your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for contact management.

As such, you’ll want a software that allows you to customize everything from the dashboard, tags, and fields to meet your needs. If you can’t do that, then the software will likely become more of a headache than a useful tool. 

When looking for a contact management software, look for one that adapts and moulds to your business’s requirements.

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials

Best Overall

Easy to set up and easy to use. Salesforce Essentials offers an intuitive dashboard to manage your clients and prospects from the top of your funnel to the bottom.


Here’s our list of the best contact management software again:

Looking for a good one? Look towards Salesforce Essentials and Insightly. They have the features you need to keep track of your prospects and clients with ease — while making sure that your team is keeping up with the ever-moving sales funnel. 

However, the one you choose is ultimately up to you and your business’s needs. You can’t go wrong with any of the other one’s on the list. 

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